Adventure in a Classy Educational Home near Marina Bay Sands


Marina Bay Sands invites you to shop or taste delicious culinary tours. It also offers you to study and increases knowledge in Singapore. However, your educational adventure will be marvelous with some of these world-class facilities near the Marina Bay Sands hotel below.

Future World Exhibition

Cooperation from Tokyo, teamLab, established the Future World Exhibition in 2001. They did that with a creative organization that created exhibitions with experts from various fields such as artists, programming, engineers, and print web designers. You can immerse yourself in the world of art, along with science, metaphor, and magic.

The series of interactive digital installations presented will amaze you with various high-value works of art. The name of the place is City in a Garden. That is a place that can invite every visitor into nature by traveling through waterfalls and flower fields before being in a hidden city building.

Proliferating Immense Life or A Whole Year per Year with flowers blooming is also a good thing to see. Not long after that, it will be dying slowly as the season’s change. The work is instantly created with reactive algorithms, based on what the visitor feels.

When you touch it, the petals can scatter and disappear. However, these plants will still bloom and grow in large numbers for real. Apart from that, you can try out Sketch Piston and play some music. Musical masterpieces can be transformed into interactive installations and produce different sounds.

Virtual Realms

Immerse yourself in a video game that has a series of amazing and fun installations. You can traverse a fun new sonic landscape. Video transferred from screens to museums will turn the 21st-century game design into a unique contemporary art form.

Each liaison has even partnered with different design studios, even the implementation has followed the intervention of Barbican and well-known game designers like Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Orchestral Maneuvers

See sounds, feel sounds, and be the sound is the meaning of this world-class orchestra. 32 world-class composers come together to present a unique exhibition. You can listen, feel the vibrations, and create your accompaniment music.

Artscience on Screen

It is a film program that can showcase the timeless appeal of the iconic space drama series. The insights into director, film, and aesthetics that inspired George Lucas’ art provide a blueprint for that world.

Officially operating since 2011, the Artscience Museum offers the first creative exploration of science, art to technology in Asia. This museum has 21 rooms with a total area of ​​50 thousand square meters. To present authentic exhibitions, the museum collaborates with various well-known institutions and museums around the world.

Each different and valuable facility provides its education for you. You can get this experience by visiting the elegant and trendy Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, especially when some discounts and rewards are profitable and worth getting. If you want to make a worthy staycation with a low budget, you can get an Epic Sale promo that gives discounts up to 80% for flights, hotels, and Xperience.